Aly Aleigha teaches on the beauty and truth of authentic love by breaking open the story of Creation, the Fall, and the modern understanding of sexuality.  She offers a 5-part series (2-day retreat) or a "TOB Crash Course" relaying the exciting mystery of love in the context of Catholic theology.




Aly uses the story of the Transfiguration (and sometimes the movie Moana) to discuss what authentic femininity looks like and how to fight the lies we come against as women in modern culture.

Audience: High School Ladies


45-min TOB

Aly caters this 45-min Theology of the Body "Crash Course" to whatever level of teaching the students can best receive.  Please indicate via email.

Audience: High School / Adults


5-PART SERIES (2-day Retreat)

Aly offers this 5-part series of talks on Theology of the Body, beginning with an introductory level and then delving into the deep, beautiful truths discussed by Pope Saint John Paul II.

Audience:  High School / Adults