Speaking Topics

"Seeing [Aly Aleigha] and the dynamic teaching style she had with those high school students was something beautiful to behold! She touched hearts and transformed a lot of lives by her presence in the classroom...it is clear she has a vocation to teach and has answered that call with such an open heart!"

— Fr. Shawn Roberson, TOR


On The Mass

Tired of going through the motions?  Ever wonder if there is a purpose behind the "Catholic Aerobics" we do on Sunday?  Stand up, sit down, stand up, kneel...Aly Aleigha unpacks the Mass and presents it to her audience in a way that is relevant, exciting and life-changing.

A teaching on the awe-inspiring and powerful truth of the Eucharist as the center of life itself.


On Theology of the Body

Aly Aleigha teaches on the beauty and truth of authentic love by breaking open the story of Creation, the Fall, and the modern understanding of sexuality.


On Authentic Femininity

Ladies, let's be real...guys are right when they say we're complicated.  But that's a beautiful thing.

Being a woman is not about fitting into the mold, but embracing the complex (sometimes a little crazy) way God made us to express our unrepeatable individualism specifically as females.  This talk is about daring to live in the freedom of being who we are made to be, about breaking the mold--that mask the world tells us to wear so we can "fit in"--because we were born to stand out.  


On Mary

Everything the Church teaches about Mary is ultimately a truth about her Son.  This talk digs in to the profoundly beautiful yet often misunderstood role of the Blessed Mother, and how Jesus Himself offers her to us as our own Mother.