Speaking Topics

"Seeing [Aly Aleigha] and the dynamic teaching style she had with those high school students was something beautiful to behold! She touched hearts and transformed a lot of lives by her presence in the classroom...it is clear she has a vocation to teach and has answered that call with such an open heart!"

— Fr. Shawn Roberson, TOR


SEASONAL TALK: Into the Desert (Lent)

What’s the point of Lent, anyway? How do I choose something to do for Lent? Aly Aleigha breaks down the beauty of the Lenten season as a time to train like athletes for the ultimate trophy (heaven). How? By entering into the desert with Jesus.


On The Mass

Tired of going through the motions?  Ever wonder if there is a purpose behind the "Catholic Aerobics" we do on Sunday?  Stand up, sit down, stand up, kneel...Aly Aleigha unpacks the Mass and presents it to her audience in a way that is relevant, exciting and life-changing.

A teaching on the awe-inspiring and powerful truth of the Eucharist as the center of life itself.

Wedding Mass.jpeg

On Theology of the Body

Aly Aleigha teaches on the beauty and truth of authentic love by breaking open the story of Creation, the Fall, and the modern understanding of sexuality.


On Authentic Femininity

Aly speaks on the Aly uses the story of the Transfiguration (and sometimes the movie Moana) to discuss what authentic femininity looks like and how to fight the lies we come against as women in modern culture.

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On Mary

Everything the Church teaches about Mary is ultimately a truth about her Son.  This talk digs in to the profoundly beautiful yet often misunderstood role of the Blessed Mother, and how Jesus Himself offers her to us as our own Mother.


On Using Your Gifts

Each of us is created Imago Dei, in the image & likeness of our Supreme Creator and loving Father. He has crafted you so uniquely, created you to reveal a side of God that no one else can ever reveal. In that, our loving Father dotes upon us with special gifts and calls us to use those gifts for a great mission. In this talk, Aly Aleigha teaches the importance of discovering and refining your gifts and courageously using them to build up God’s Kingdom.