" T R A N S F I G U R E   M E " 

Ladies, let's be real...guys are right when they say we're complicated.  But that's a beautiful thing.

Being a woman is not about fitting into the mold, but embracing the complex (sometimes a little crazy) way God made us to express our unrepeatable individualism specifically as females.  This talk is about daring to live in the freedom of being who we are made to be, about breaking the mold--that mask the world tells us to wear so we can "fit in"--because we were born to stand out.  

Aly speaks on the Aly uses the story of the Transfiguration (and sometimes the movie Moana) to discuss what authentic femininity looks like and how to fight the lies we come against as women in modern culture.

Note: Prezi Powerpoint Option for this Talk.

AUDIENCE: Middle School / High School / Adult Women