Aly Aleigha Teaches on the Mass

Aly offers two talks on the Eucharist: one on the Mass as the Source & Summit of all Christian life, as well as "And the Word Became Flesh," an Advent catechesis.  Using typology (drawing parallels between the Old and New Testaments), Aly Aleigha breaks down the Last Supper and the glory of the Eucharist.  She unpacks the first Passover feast and other prefigurements from Exodus in ways her audience can understand, no matter how young.  Connecting the Mosaic Passover with John's Gospel and explaining Jewish customs that shed light on the Mass, Aly Aleigha presents the incredible, often unknown and mind-blowing realities and connections of the Eucharist.  

See a demo of "And the Word Became Flesh" here