With Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Aly Aleigha & Other Catholic Artists

                     Aly Aleigha singing at Mount Tabor, where Jesus was Transfigured before 3 of His apostles

                   Aly Aleigha singing at Mount Tabor, where Jesus was Transfigured before 3 of His apostles



Aly Aleigha will once again be traveling to the Holy Land May 2020, led by Jeff Cavins with Fr. Mike Schmitz, and you're invited to join!  Other amazing priests and musicians will also be joining them in 2020!

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Encourage Local Concert Booking



Free Pilgrimage to Holy Land in May 2020
- valued at more than $4,500.oo -

(5 names entered in drawing with every concert booking)

WHEN: 2020

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See Cavins Tour website for more information on the pilgrimage itself once finalized.  We will notify you via Newsletter.

  Jeff Cavins, founder of the Great Adventure Bible Study

Jeff Cavins, founder of the Great Adventure Bible Study

  Fr. Mike Schmitz, Pilgrimage Spiritual Director

Fr. Mike Schmitz, Pilgrimage Spiritual Director




Organize an Aly Aleigha Band concert in your local area by collaborating with your favorite venue, or by contacting your Pastor / Youth Minister.


Book The Aly Aleigha Band by Nov. 30, 2019 for a concert between the dates of July 1, 2018 & May 1, 2020.  It's that easy! 


Concerts booked & deposit received within the time frame of July 1, 2018 to 11am CST November 30, 2019 are eligible for entry.  Your name, along with up to 4 others from your community (determined by the venue/parish staff), will be entered into a drawing for the possibility to win one pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Jeff Cavins, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Aly Aleigha & other amazing Catholic artists.  Drawing will be held via Facebook Live on November 30, 2019 at 1pm.    

 *Important Note:   In order to give the pilgrimage away, we need at least 15 concert bookings.  Individuals involved in multiple concert bookings can have their name entered more than once according to the number of bookings confirmed before November 30, 2019. 

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B O O K I N G  D E T A I L S

Book the Aly Aleigha Band for an Original Concert (cost $1,700.00 + travel/food/lodging)
or a Worship/Speaking Combo (cost $2,000.00 + travel/food/lodging).   

Up to 5 names from each booking will be entered into the drawing to #winisrael.  See Aly's speaking topics here.

2018 Pilgrimage Winner

        Holy Land Pilgrimage Winner Becky Mika (right)                              & her husband Tim (left) 

      Holy Land Pilgrimage Winner Becky Mika (right)
& her husband Tim (left) 


Thank you to all those who participated in the 2017-18 Holy Land Pilgrimage Contest.  The winner of the pilgrimage was Becky Mika from Ashland, WI.  Becky and her husband Tim traveled with Aly Aleigha, Jeff Cavins and Fr. Mike Schimitz to Israel May 14-24, 2018.  Congratulations Becky!!  


BOOKING CAN POTENTIALLY INVOLVE ZERO COST TO YOU & YOUR PARISH: Ticketed events consistently increase attendance over non-ticketed events.  We ask that you purchase or sell at least 150 tickets at $10 each.  Any revenue from additional tickets sold may be used to assist in the additional expenses of travel, lodging, ticket printing and meals for the band.  If you prefer not to use tickets, the cost is $1,700.00 plus the expenses of travel, lodging and meals for the band.  


Interested in having the Aly Aleigha Band come to your community?  Fill this form out so we know which parish/venue you'll be contacting.  Once booking is confirmed we will make sure your name is entered into the drawing.

We will provide promotional materials that you can download & print to publicize your event with ease.


Aly Aleigha has been songwriting since childhood, but her music really began to blossom in 2012.  She attributes this to her first pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where the scriptures and her sense of mission came alive for her.  

"I believe all Christians must travel to the Holy Land at some point in their lives, & they HAVE to go with Jeff," says Aly.  "It's incredible how the scriptures come alive & it changes you.  Jeff & Fr. Mike both have a deep understanding of Biblical history & teach it so well.  I think it's vital to go with them to get the fullness of what Israel offers.  It's a huge honor to return to the place that inspired so much of my music & helped form me into who I am today, to lead others in song in those places!"

Shortly after returning from her first pilgrimage to Israel, Aly composed "Visitation Song," inspired by her time in Ein Karem (the birthplace of John the Baptist).  She returned as the cantor in May 2016 and invites you to join her again in May 2018!


  • Booking the Aly Aleigha Band for an original concert qualifies for the Holy Land drawing.  Praise and worship events are not included in the contest; however, a discount may be offered for those who wish to book the band for a praise and worship event in addition to a concert.
  • Winner must be 18+ years of age at time of departure or accompanied by an adult who purchases his/her own ticket.
  • Winner is responsible for valid passport and/or visa fees (no visa required for US or Canadian citizens for entry into Israel).  Please be sure your passport does not expire prior to December 2020. 
  • Pilgrimage does not include air departure from airports other than Minneapolis, MN or New York, NY (winner is responsible for cost of any alternative domestic or international flight).
  • Tour includes 8?-night accommodations (double occupancy).
  • Full buffet breakfast and dinner will be provided, as well as 4 lunches.  All other lunches are the responsibility of pilgrim.
  • Tips & gratuity for guide, driver & hotel staff are responsibility of pilgrim (suggested at $135)
  • Winner will have 24 hours from the winning phone call to commit to the pilgrimage.   One additional spot will be held for a possible travel companion should the winner wish to bring another at their own expense.  This spot too will be withdrawn after 24 hours.  If necessary, another winner will be selected after the 24 hours have elapsed.
  • All entrants must summit the google form individually and will receive the link to the form from their booking parish representative.