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Folk-americana artist Aly Aleigha and her band released their first full-length album in September 2016, a year after Aly's debut EP "Jealous Love."  Starting as a ragtag group of musical friends playing local gigs, they have since been swept up in a whirlwind of recording an LP ("The Labyrinth") and traveling around the USA performing their music.  Inspirations for their sound include groups like The Head and The Heart, The Oh Hello's, Josh Garrels, and The Lumineers.  Shortly after their Album Release Show in September 2016, the band traveled to Paoli, PA to play at a music festival for over 3,000 people, where they received the "Emerging Artist Award" sponsored by Relevant Radio.  In August 2017 the band played at City on the Hill Music Festival among artists such as the Newsboys, Mercy Me, and Britt Nicole for a crowd of over 3500.  On January 24, 2018, Aly Aleigha signed with a record label - Rekindle Records located in Chicago, IL.  She is excited to continue to share her music and looks forward to working with Rekindle Records.  







Humble Beginnings

Though she always had a deep love for the arts, Aly Aleigha's musical talent was only ever expressed in her bedroom for most of her life.  Aleigha has been writing songs and stories for as long as she can remember, though she did not seriously pick up an instrument until high school.  Petrified of being the center of attention yet unable to contain the musical drive swelling inside her, Aly began to play guitar and sing at Church events in her high school years.  "It has always been much easier to play at Church, because then it's less about me and more about glorifying the Lord," says Aleigha.  During her studies at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, Aly's parents encouraged her to record an album but she originally said no, feeling inadequate compared to the countless other musicians she deemed more talented and worthy of recording than she.  Eventually, however, she felt she was being called out of her comfort zone and she conceded, cutting her first EP (4-track album) while graduating.  Aleigha moved to Duluth, MN for work, where she met the rest of her band.  The band's unique, eclectic sound drew national attention immediately.  In the same month after releasing their first full-length album, The Labyrinth, the indie-americana music group was invited to perform and receive the 2016 "Emerging Artist Award" at AbbeyFest in Pennsylvania for a crowd of over 3,000.



Aly singing "What A Beautiful Name" at 2:55:00 & "King Of My Heart" at 3:12:30


Two major Duluth music festivals will see a familiar face in their lineups this summer. Rice Lake native, Aly Aleigha, or Aly Schissel as some know her, has carved out a musical career that has seen some major momentum in the last year—momentum that is culminating this weekend in Duluth.

Rising indie Americana artist Aly Aleigha and her band will be opening up for some of the biggest names in Christian music at the City on the Hill Music Festival at the Bayfront Festival Park. Headliners include Newsboys on Friday night and MercyMe on Saturday night[...]


#MusicMonday: The Labyrinth

Album Review by Derek Charles Johnson

In being a music lover, I sometimes come across an album that stops me dead in my tracks; causing me to simply listen and think.  More and more today, this seems to be a rare occurrence.  While the accessibility of making a record is at an all-time high, the number of true and authentic works seems to be at a low.  We can sometimes lack depth and creativity and often this is readily apparent in the circles of Christian music.   

You can imagine my joy in crossing paths with Aly Aleigha and discovering her album The Labyrinth; an album that has literally been on repeat for weeks now.  Theologically-deep and allegorically-rich would be two phrases I would use to describe this record; a record you really have to experience as much as just listen to[...]

   C a t h o l i c   M u s i c i a n s   W h o   I n s p i r e

C a t h o l i c   M u s i c i a n s   W h o   I n s p i r e

A sweet sister on Twitter asked for a post on Catholic musicians, and since it’s one of my favorite topics, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorites Catholic musicians who sing worship-ful music[...]


Catechist-Songwriter Aly Aleigha Finds That Songs Come From Prayer

Growing up in Wisconsin, Aly Aleigha's sister Jessica was the musically involved sibling, while Aly — who sang in choir but had no formal voice lessons — found even church musicianship intimidating.  But Aleigha’s songwriting blossomed during a freshman-year pilgrimage to the Holy Land while a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.  During her remaining college years, playing at Mass and singing at coffeehouses and “Festivals of Praise” in Austria, Aleigha found God “pulling [her] out of [her] comfort zone.” Still, when her mother approached her about cutting an album, she initially balked at the prospect — even though her high-school guitar teacher, John Freylack, had suggested the idea years earlier.  

Eventually, Aleigha decided that the album was “what the Lord wanted me to do, so I offered it to him. My prayer from that day has been, ‘Lord, let your will be done. If this ever becomes about me, please take it away.’ Instead, he has been blessing it so much more than I ever could have anticipated.”

As a largely self-taught musician, Aleigha creates music resembling indie-folk, with influences from The Oh Hellos, Josh Garrels and The Head and the Heart — and that it gaining notice.  

The recent Franciscan graduate has a big event next weekend: On Sept. 24, AbbeyFest will honor her as its first “Emerging Artist of the Year[...]



Appraisal for Aly Aleigha

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Contact / Inquiries

Manager - Laura Schissel :   manager@aly-aleigha.com

Record Label - Rekindle Records :   internal@rekindlemusic.com


"The Labyrinth" Album was recorded at The Library Studio & The Terrarium in Minneapolis, MN and Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH. 

It was engineered by Matt Patrick and mastered by Mike Ofca, and was released September 2016.





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