The following are testimonials we have received from listeners about how Aly’s music has moved them in some way. Their names have been changed to respect their privacy.

It is humbling and beautiful to hear how the Lord has used this music to touch hearts and to help heal wounds. If you would like to submit your own testimonial about how Aly Aleigha’s music has moved you, please email us at manager@aly-aleigha.com.



Hiya Aly, I am not religious, or even a believer. I draw no comfort from such notions, as do many. But I do love music and Mother Nature. Recently I hit a low point... a cycle of ceaseless loss this year simply hammered me into the dirt, and I was ready to pack it in and leave this Earth. I still don't feel like being here anymore. But I had cause to turn on a radio for the first time in eons... and your song 'Awestruck' was the first I came across while surfing the dial. Again, I am not religious. It's not my style, not my thing. But that song expressed precisely my feelings at this moment in my life... both musically and lyrically. I am filled with terrible sadness and hopelessness... but am thankful for what this life, this existence, has provided. And I have not lost all hope... close, but not quite. It took a listen to your tune to help me realize that I should never give up hope, no matter how worthless and discarded I may feel... thank you for such a beautiful piece of music.



Had to share with you how one of your songs moved me this morning.  Without You brought me to tears as I was driving to work. In the car, with the volume turned up, I was able to hear every word and it was as though you were putting words to how my heart feels about our son that passed away last year.  Sounds strange, but moments like these make me feel so close to [my son]. So thank you. Thought you would like to know how your music is reaching people's hearts.



Last year I decided I was going to focus more on fully surrendering to God's will. I had been praying to God and asking Him to lead me where He wanted me, and that's when the guy came into the picture. I wasn't "in the market" so to speak, I was focusing on my relationship with God, but we became really good friends. The more I prayed for guidance, the closer I became with him, and the more he pursued. We connected on a level deeper than I have with anyone else. Both of our dark pasts and struggles were exposed to light within each others presence. We knew one another, the good and bad. It isn't easy to show someone your scars and pain, but we reached that point of vulnerability, it felt natural.  We weathered our storms together. It was the best team I had ever been a part of. It ended unexpectedly last week. Everything seemed to crash down around me. My heart was shattered, laying in pieces on the cold ground. I was so confused how something could end like this if it felt God had lead me to it, like He assured me it was His will. I was lost.

You see, to cope with things, I write. Whenever things go bad or I feel anxious, I write. If there are clouds building up inside me, I turn to words. Only this time, I couldn't find any.  It didn't matter how many different ways I strung them together, nothing seemed to fit. I didn't know how to express what I was feeling which made everything that much worse. I continued to spiral downwards. Out of nowhere, I started listening to your Labyrinth album. That's when I came across "Without You".

That song took the words out of my mouth that I didn't know were there. Every line added another dimension that I could relate to. I wasn't alone in what I was feeling, and it was God's doing that I came across someone who had the words to express it when I didn't. I was still heartbroken, still weary, but there was a sigh of relief when I listened to the lyrics.

Then, just one song later, I heard "Psalm 127". I was almost in tears. The uneasiness that had taken root in me was gently pulled out. A wave of peace washed over my soul. I was having issues sleeping since the break up, many restless hours, but I fell asleep to this song that night. God leads us to many gifts, and this was one of them.

I found words in "Without You", but I found comfort in "Psalm 127". Both were needed. So now I want to humbly say "thank you". Thank you for letting God work through you in ways you probably didn't think He would. Thank you for giving what gifts He has given you right back to Him. Thank you for glorifying Him and helping beautify His body. Last but not least, thank you for being a visible beacon of God's light for me when storm clouds formed on my horizon.



Aly, I met you when you came to our parish […] That was so awesome. You know how you have an experience and it is good but as time passes you realize just how full it was?

I am just moved to seek you out and express my gratitude for your ability to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. I believe God is smiling at how you are using the talents/gifts He blessed you with. I purchased your two cds and I am going to tell you girl, I am getting my money out of them. :-) Your music is so rich and just makes the prayers pop. I am so impressed by your use of rhythm, crescendo, movement and choice of accompanying vocals. Your songs strike a deep chord in my soul and find myself praying, "Yes Lord, this is how I feel - what she is saying." Psalm 127 is my particular favorite to touch my soul so deep. So deeply I could actually feel the Lord holding me. It was quite moving, to the point of sobbing. It has healed my heart in unimaginable ways and has reminded me to continue allowing Him to build the house. An idea I have struggled with all my life. God bless you for singing it to me!

I could go on and on about most every one of your songs and would if you would like. I just really want you to know i appreciate you and encourage you to continue your worship of Our Savior and please please share it.

I was listening to my local EWTN radio station and your voice came on signing a Christmas song. I said to my husband I know that voice... that is Aly! I was so busy at the time I do not remember what the song was but I knew it was you.
I pray this find you well and joyful.