1] Full concert with Aly Aleigha's original music from Jealous Love & The Labyrinth.

- or -

2] Catechetical Concert -  Aly Aleigha teaches using her original songs, unpacking the rich scriptural meaning behind the lyrics.  Within a concert, she explains why she composed the song, offers stories behind their origins, and relates it to the familiar experiences of her audience.  Aly Aleigha uses these concerts to glorify God who writes the songs through her. 

Sample Ticket for your event!  We provide the tickets; we just ask that you sell (or purchase) at least 150.


Sofa Sessions

Desire to see the Band in concert but can't book a large venue?  Bring in Aly Aleigha for an intimate acoustic set in your very own living room!  

This is your chance to be creative with themed House Parties (wine & cheese gathering, Valentine's Day Sweetheart Night, etc); Young Adult groups, Bible Studies, family reunions, bonfires, company parties, or simply to hang out in a relaxed setting and hear exclusive stories behind the album.  If your living room is too small, contact local coffee shops / theaters as a possible venue!

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Aly Aleigha is a well-equipped & enthusiastic speaker. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree at Franciscan University, double-majoring in Theology and Catechetics with a concentration in Youth Ministry.  Additionally, Aly has addressed countless young people of all ages--from the catechesis of little children to College Campus ministry. 


Music Ministry

Aly Aleigha leads praise and worship using her original songs as well as popular Christian music.  Depending on the event, she may begin a session with a secular song or two until her audience is comfortable.  She explains the Biblical origin of praise and worship and encourages intimacy with the Lord by her witness.  Usually hiring Aly for music ministry is paired with Speaking.  Aly also leads music for Mass &/or Adoration.


Parish 2-day event

A combination of Aly's various ministries work well for a 2-day event, retreat, etc.  The Aly Aleigha Band can engage the audience with her Concert one evening and the next day or evening Aly can continue to draw the audience deeper into prayer and worship - leading music at Mass, followed by a talk and ending with leading music in Adoration.