Video Contestants

Aly Aleigha held a Creative Video Contest in March 2017 to invite fans to participate in both a fun contest as well as be featured in the band's next Official Music Video (coming this summer).  A Grand Prize Bundle was awarded to the video with the most votes ("Enjoying La Vida," who shared their prizes among other contestants).

F R E E   S O N G   D O W N L O A D


Robbie Mouton

 I'm the Aly Aleigha Band's biggest fan / dedicated hype guy. I like to ski a little. I'm okay at it. I'm also a little punk rock. And not mad about it.


Lydia & Katie

Race Along is the perfect background for any adventure. Katie and I documented a day traipsing around Minneapolis for our video and I'm so excited to see how other people use the song in their videos!  - Lydia


Reither Kids

We are a Catholic family that lives in Minnesota and we have 8 kids (plus 3 in Heaven). The kids have several of Aly Aleigha's songs memorized and sing along when we are listening to Aly's CD in the van. They were excited for the chance to be in the Race Along video!


Enjoying la Vida

The biggest fan of Aly Aleigha and her band. Juan and I (Maria) had the best time working on this video and the song gave the perfect touch to our amazing time in San Andrés Island-Colombia.


Come to Me

Truth sometimes makes you cry. This is a tribute to those of us who have lost someone special in our lives. Please share our video but also, share Aly's beautiful music! Enjoy! From the Minnesota Kellars :-)


Living Like Self-Proclaimed Adventurists

My name is Jenny Delage & I love to base my life around what adventure is next on my list. Fortunately enough for me, I have a best friend, Molly Hartman, who feels the same way. We have been to 3 countries together & hope for more. She & I both know that it's all by the grace of God we've gotten to travel so much together & couldn't be more thankful for one another. Thanks for sharing in the daily life of two self-proclaimed adventurists.


Race Worth Running

Anna here! Small talk, coffee is my superpower, list making, believing in God, rocking a baby to sleep, getting up early, being thankful for a sunrise, multitasking, showering in 2 minutes, being tolerable of my husbands beard, interior design, motivating others, and now producing creative, intelligent music videos.


We Run As One

Most of the people in this video are lovely, caring, Catholic college students. We are racing to sainthood and collecting knowledge and debt along the way. Striving towards our goals, and not forgetting how awesome it is to have fun and be goofy too. We run this race together, bringing each other joy and motivation. We run as one.


Literally Running to Race Along

Hello, my name is Josh! I recently graduated with a CS degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and am now working in Duluth as a programmer. After sitting at a computer all day, I love to run when I get home. Duluth has allowed me to find some great spots. Since the song is all about running, I decided to run one of my favorite new routes for my video. I hope you enjoy, despite the shakiness of the camera!


An Ordinary Day 

Lauren and I have been friends ever since elementary school-we specifically bonded over our dislike for our fifth grade teacher. After that, we were inseparable and were always looking to explore new things and push our limits on the independence we were given from our parents. 8 years later and we still share the same traditions as we did in fifth grade. Here's a video displaying a typical day within our friendship :)


The Glowing Girls

Hi, we're the Glowing Girls! We're two cousins who worked together to create a fun and uplifting piece we hope you'll enjoy! We're 10 and 11 years old and wanted to share a glimpse of what racing along is to us. Join us as we race along the path to Heaven :) Vote for us!


Thank you for voting!  Winner will be announced APRIL 1, 2017.  

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