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Do you want to see your masterpiece in the Aly Aleigha Band's next Official Music Video?  Want the chance to WIN 2 FREE VIP TICKETS to City on the Hill Music Festival?

Simply submit a creative video of yourself & your friends to Race Along (must meet all the requirements listed below)!

  • S T E P   O N E   >>  Sign up (see "Preliminary Sign-Up" form below).  
    • We'll enter you into the contest
    • We will let you know which portion of the song we need from you specifically
      • All contestants are welcome to create a full video, but are only expected to create one verse + chorus or bridge + chorus.
  • S T E P   T W O   >>  Create your video, post on YouTube, and submit link in "Ready To Submit Your Entry?" form below.
  • S T E P   T H R E E   >>  Once we post the contestants' submissions, SHARE like crazy.  
    • Get a thousand of your closest friends (or as many as you can) to see the video and vote for you on the Official Voting Page (which will be linked from this page when polls open)!  (2-week voting period)
  • S T E P   F O U R   >>  The winner will be announced & receive the grand prize (listed below) along with perpetual glory.  All participants will see a segment of their video in Aly Aleigha's Official Music Video!


A L L   P A R T I C I P A N T S   W I L L   W I N !  

If your video meets all the requirements listed below, it will be compiled into Aly Aleigha's next music video along with the other entries!

G R A N D   P R I Z E   

Winner(s) will receive all of the following:

  • 2 Free VIP Concert tickets to Friday night of City on The Hill Music Fest + Meet & Greet the Aly Aleigha Band (Headliners: Newsboys & Aly Aleigha Band.  See conditions below)
  • Official Aly Aleigha Band T-Shirt + Signed CD
  • Free Entry to a Faster Than the Pastor 5k Event
  • Bundle from Jeff Cavins


  • Video Quality:
    • Creative video to "Race Along."   
    • Video must be best possible quality.  No pixelation, blurry footage, or shaky filming.  
    • MUST BE FILMED HORIZONTALLY to fit the entire screen--videos filmed upright will be rejected because they do not fit the screen.  (Phones are okay if they're impressive quality, though it's definitely preferred that you ask to borrow your friend's Canon Rebel t3i).
  • What to Include in video:
    • In response to your Preliminary Sign-Up (see form below), we will send you:
      • An end clip 
        • This .jpg file must be placed at the end of your video AFTER the music has ended (we will email it to you after preliminary sign-up).
    • Please edit in iMovie, Adobe Premiere, or a program of similar quality.
  • Videos only, no pictures please!  (Photo Slideshows will not be added in the Official Music Video).
  • Keep it family friendly, y'all.
    • All videos must be appropriate.  NO explicit or implicit sexual conduct, no condoning illegal behaviors or even excessive use of legal substances.  Let this be the kind of video your mom would be proud to show your innocent old gran and your 3-year-old cousin sitting on her lap.  Video submissions ignoring this rule WILL be rejected and reported so YouTube takes them down, too.

Copyright policy - I, Aly Aleigha, am the owner of the rights to the songs used for this video.  I give permission for fans to create a video  which includes this song for this contest only, suiting the requirements listed above.  I reserve the right to remove my music from any content that does not comply with the regulations listed above.  --- Songs included in all entries must be purchased legally through Aly's website, a legal online distributor, or a physical copy of her CD. 


C O N D I T I O N S   F O R   G R A N D   P R I Z E

Two free concert tickets only.  Winner will receive 2 VIP tickets redeemable at Friday of City on The Hill Music Fest (August 4, 2017). Travel to event venue & lodging not included.  Tickets are non-transferrable.

Facebook Live + Meet & Greet the Aly Aleigha Band for anyone involved in the making of the winning video.  Contestant(s) must purchase any additional tickets & provide for themselves travel to event venue and any lodging necessary.  

Grand Prize bundle can only be mailed nationally.  In the case of international winners, all participants in the making of the music video will receive free digital downloads of both Aly Aleigha's albums, and the opportunity to claim the grand prize if they are able to come to the US or otherwise make arrangements to receive it.  Grand Prize winners can choose to "pay it forward" and offer the bundle to another contestant if they so prefer.

Step One: Preliminary Sign-up

Name *
Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you hear about Aly Aleigha & this contest?
You're welcome to do the entire song, but we only require ONE CHORUS and your choice of verse or bridge.
This could be submitted in a separate attachment if you prefer (and would not be voted on unless it is included in your contest entry clip). This, along with a portion of your contest entry, would be featured in Aly Aleigha's next official video.


Ready to Submit Your Entry?

Name *
Please include "Race Along Video Contest Submission" within your title. (i.e. / "A Day in the Life: A Race Along Video Contest Submission")
What's your story? Give a creative, funny, or touching brief bio of your group to help fans vote for you!