We are always open to adding to our team.  If you are a passionate and gifted musician, we may have a place for you in the Aly Aleigha Band.  Please see details on how to apply below.


Please read the following and submit the form & video at the bottom of this page.

Are you ready to shift the cultural norm by using your talents to your fullest potential?  



The Aly Aleigha Band is committed to creating unique, beautiful music that connects with the people from all walks of life and draws listeners to a deeper encounter with Truth, shedding light on the deepest longings of the human heart.



Currently we are looking for a new lead acoustic guitarist and also back-up musicians who will be transitioned into full-time members when our existing bandmates are unable to continue with the band.  A couple of our wonderful bandmates & friends are considering the pursuit of personal dreams that Aly fully supports, though it will be sad to see them go.  This provides you an opportunity to segway in and join the Aly Aleigha Band!  





  • Lead Guitar (acoustic)

  • Keyboard

  • Drums

  • Upright Bass / Cello

  • Violin / Viola

(** NOTE - We are NOT looking for vocalists.  Ability to sing and play other instruments is beneficial, but not required) 


Other Details


We are touring, so we are looking for committed members who are willing to travel with us for gigs.

In addition to original concerts and music festivals, we also offer music at various Christian events (mostly covers).  While we do not fall under the genre of an explicitly Christian band, Aly's Catholic faith is an important element to her identity both as a person and as a musician.  Band members are not expected to be Christian but must be respectful and willing to play at such events.



We are looking for talented musicians who are dedicated to the band and our mission.  We strive for excellence, believing the gifts we are given are meant to be used to build up others for a purpose, and not kept hidden.  Regardless of personal beliefs, all band members must hold our mission in the highest esteem and live it out both on and off stage.

We must live a life of virtue, allowing the message of our music to penetrate our own hearts, recognizing our need for constant personal growth, and allowing that transformation to flow out into our music and interactions with fans/clients.

        F . A . C . T .

Our musicians must be FAITHFUL to the band and our mission; AVAILABLE in making gigs / rehearsals a priority; CONTAGIOUS personality and good moral character, good chemistry with the rest of the band and the music itself; and TALENTED/TEACHABLE -- competent musicianship, pursuing excellence and working together humbly as a team to accentuate and grow in our gifts, humble and open to the creative input of other band members.



Aly pays her musicians fairly for gigs.  That being said, making unique, substantial music is an adventure!  And, as such, it's very important to have a mindset of gratitude when it comes to band finances.  We are looking for musicians who are invested in the long-term vision, who recognize the time spent in practice is essential to see results, and who are willing to make sacrifices for the band's long-term goals.  Payment will be discussed in detail after audition.


To audition, please record a video of yourself playing along to at least two of the following songs (click song title to hear):

AND at least one praise and worship song, such as:

** if auditioning with more than one instrument, please showcase each instrument in at least one song from each category listed above (2 songs total per instrument).

Post your audition tape on YouTube and add the link to the required field in the email below.  Our team will review your audition video and may contact you for a live audition.

** Note: We are looking for instrumentalists who can replicate the sound in our recordings.  We are interested in hearing your personal touch as well, but want to ensure the integrity of our current sound remains by the musicians we hire. 

Please complete the form below

Please fill out the following information and submit video(s) of you playing along to our songs for consideration.  If you are contacted for a live audition, you may be asked to shadow our current band members, working with them one-on-one and coming along to 1-2 gigs / rehearsals just to observe.  After practicing with the rest of the band, if it seems like a good fit, we will discuss transitioning you into a full member of the band.